Ace Babyyy

ArellynMiranda<3 Bi. Outgoing. Music is my life. maryjane is my friend, but i'm already pretty high on life most of the time. Photography, ink, modeling, family, friends, animals, & art is my world. Question? Ask. Something on your mind? say it. Judging? go ahead. idgaf. It's my body, my choices, my life.
Smiling Jack Skellington

A real conversation I had yesterday morning with the kids I'm nannying:

Julia:Victoria. How many kids do you want?
Zack:She has to get married first anyway.
Me:Not necessarily.
Zack:Well how many dogs of you want? (Knowing that I'm not a dog person)
Julia:But how many cats do you want?


Perfect portrait of my boyfriend and our cat.

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